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Read more to gain information on using the Compass Parent Portal for the first time.


How to Access and Log into the Compass Parent Portal for the first time: 

  • To access the Compass Parent Portal,  click the Compass logo on this page
  • Login using the details provided to you by the school – upon first login, you will be prompted to confirm your email address and mobile phone number, and change your password.

The Home Screen will appear once you have successfully logged in to Compass. This provides you with relevant alerts that require your action or attention e.g. unexplained absences, a News Feed and quick links to your child’s profile.



Compass has an intuitive interface, however if you would like instructions, please see the table below or you can email: at any time.



How do I gain access to the Compass Login details for my child/ren?


Login details have been distributed to existing MMPS families. If you have not received your Login Details, please email: and a copy of the letter will be re-issued.

Login details will be issued to new families once they have started at HPS.


How do I report an absence?


Full-day absences must be reported via the Compass Parent Portal – click below for instructions.

For the appropriate child:

Click on “+Add Attendance Note/Approval (Approved Absence/Late)

Select the reason for the absence from the drop-down menu, enter details as appropriate, select the correct date and click on the Save button.


How do I report lateness/leave during school hours?


Lateness and leave during school hours are reported via the Office when you sign your child in and out (NOT via the Compass Parent Portal).


What does the term ‘Unexplained Absence’ mean?


This is Compass/DET terminology and simply means that your child has been marked ‘Not Present’ and that this has not been explained by another school activity or ‘Parent Approval’.

If you receive an alert regarding an ‘unexplained absence’, click on the alert, select the ‘unexplained absence’ you wish to approve and then click on the ‘Parent Approve’ button (above ‘Activity Name’) to enter the reason for the absence.

Please note that alerts only appear in the BROWSER version of Compass.


How do I access the News Feed?


The News Feed (My News) will appear (on the right-hand side of the screen) as soon as you log into the browser version of Compass. You can return to this page at any time by clicking on the ‘Home’ image in the tool bar at the top of the screen.

The News Feed appears on the ‘Home’ screen of the app (under the photo of your child/ren).


How do I view the School Calendar?


The School Calendar is only available in the browser version of Compass. From the Main Menu (tool bar at the top of the screen), select the ‘Calendar’ image (next to the ‘Home’ image).


  • If you ‘hover’ over a calendar entry, more information is revealed e.g. venue.
  • Click on the colour-coded tabs to hide/reveal layers in the calendar.
  • The calendar can be viewed by ‘week’ or ‘month’ – just click on your preference (top right of the screen).
  • Items that appear at the top of the calendar are either ‘all day’ events or times are yet to be confirmed.

If you ‘swipe right’ when in the app, there is an option to ‘Open in Browser’ which will enable you to view the School Calendar.


How do I update my email address & mobile number?


Upon first log in via a web browser you will be prompted to update this information. You can update this information at any time by accessing Tools (cog at the top right of the screen) > Update My Details (only available in the browser version).


Can I reverse an approval for an absence once it has been entered?


Parents cannot edit or delete approvals once they have been entered into Compass – please contact the school Office if an approval needs amending.

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