Bike Education


Bike Education teaches fundamental road safety skils to students before they get behind the wheel of a car. By understanding road rules and risks of being on the road we hope that we can prepare them to be responsible road users. Bike Education is delivered to students in Years 4, 5 and 6 in term 4 of each year.

Other road saftey programs are delivered to children in the lower levels.


Some things to remember when you are on your bike are:

  • Always wear an approved helmet.
  • Stay 1 metre away from the curb or parked cars so that you do not bounce off the gutter and fall into traffic.You also get a better view of driveways and opening doors from this spot.
  • You only need to signal when you are turning right! Scan first, signal then scan before smoothly making your move.
  • When stopping apply your back brake gently first, this will slow your bike down. Then apply your front brake gently then pull them on both together to stop. Remember put your left foot on the ground so that you are leaning away from the traffic.
  • When getting ready to move get your right foot in the power position. Scan and only move when it is safe to do so. If it is safe, smoothly make your move!
  • Parents can ride on the footpath if they are riding with children who are 12 years or younger. Even on the footpath encourage your child to stay left - this can be said for pedestrians and bike riders.
  • Always ensure that your bike is in good working order. That means checking it before every ride. The main thing you are looking for is brakes. Check that both front and back brakes are working correctly. Keep your tyres pumped up and oil on your chain.

All students participating in Bike Ed are sent home with a "Family Guide to Bike Ed". If you have not got one pick up one from the office or go online and download it at VicRoads.

If you have any questions about Bike Ed, or what to get involved in road safety at school, please contact the school office.

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