All Prep classes have an individual blog. To gain real insight into what is occurring in your child/ren's classroom please subscribe to the relevant blog. If you look at the menu bar above you will see a "Blogs" tab. Please click that tab and then find they class blog you are looking for from the list. All you will need to do is subscribe to the site so that you receive notification of any new items being posted. Blogging guidelines are available online on the blog site. Please read them carefully. All comments are read first and approved before being posted to the site. Any inappropriate use of the site will not be tolerated.


Blogging is an online, interactive space that allows for the upload of ideas, happenings and questioning with the hope that those watching will engage in the conversations and become part of our learning space. This in effect breaks down the classroom walls and provides you with a closer look at how learning is taking place at school.