Mathletics is used throughout the school to assist students in developing Numeracy skills. Tasks are set for students to complete during class time or for homework. If your child gets stuck on activities you can use the help button to help explain the skill that is being practised. Your child has a username and password to login to Mathetics at home, you may find this in their journals or diaries. Please find below a link to the Mathletics website.

How to log on to Mathletics.

  1. Log on to the Mount Martha website.
  2. Under students click on Mathletics.
  3. Click on the link to Mathletics.
  4. Enter your Mathletics username and password.
  5. Your logged in!

Tasks set by the teacher must be completed first before students can use other parts of the site. Other parts include Rainforest Maths and Live Mathletics.

Using the Help Function

If you require further help click on the help button on the tool bar at the top of the screen. The help function has information to help you log on, set up your Mathletics profile and completing the activities.

Click here to go to Mathletics.