Travelling Smarter to and from School
Travelling actively to school has many positive attributes. Students get a chance to catch up with friends who they plan to meet regularly, they connect to their community through a physical presence in their environment and a new appreciation for the world around them, greenhouse gas emissions are deceased, fresh air and exercise help your child to be ready for the day and you need not be caught up in the school rush. What could be better?

No matter how far from school you live you can still use active travel to complete your morning or start your afternoon school runs. Try parking away from school and walking the last part or having your children meet you in the afternoon. Park and Stride points have been set up at Mt Martha House and Kinross Street shops (Billy's Fish and Chips) to assist families in making this transition.

Mount Martha House Park and Stride
The Mount Martha House route is fully paved and a crossing has been provided with a supervisor during school travel times. Get your children to walk with others. You can set this up with your friendship networks thereby decreasing car travel even more as you car pool from these points. Mt Martha House is 400m from school and takes no more than 10minutes to walk.

Kinross Street Shops Park and Stride
Kinross Street offers a quite place to drop off or pick up your child. A bike lane on the south side of Orana drive has been provided to allow students to ride their bikes to school. This is a two way space that also provides a buffer zone for students when they are walking. Kinross street is about 700m from school and easily managed by students in year 2 and above.

Crossing Points
You may have seen blue signage that marks a safe place to cross on many of our neighbourhood roads. These places have been deemed safe to cross but students must remember to look and wait for traffic before crossing. They are not supervised nor are they given priority at these points. Not only are they a great way for students to recognise a safe place to cross roads they are also a reminder to drivers that students are out and about and that they need to watch out.

Kiss and Go
If you must drive to the front of the school please be sure to use this space in a manner that allows everyone to be safe and to have access. This zone replaces the traditional 2 minute pick up and drop off zones, shortly the line marking will be painted red to match the sign. The idea is that the driver remains in the car, the children exit kerbside where you can just kiss them and go freeing up the space for others.

Using a "Park and Stride" point could save you 20minutes. Time is precious as is our environment and the health of our children.

Park and Stride,
Walk or Ride.
Develop good habits; for life!

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