Road Safety

The schools TravelSmart program supports Victoria’s Road Safety Education Action Plan 2012-2013. More information can be found at the Road Safety Education Website for Victoria.  

Road Safety starts with you!

Road safety is the responsibility of us all, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Our community and in fact our country has a strong car culture but slowly people are realising that this can not be the only way to travel. Everyday all car users become pedestrians at some point. This may be when you leave your car in a car ark and head to shops, schools or parks. You may need to walk through car parks or cross roads in arriving at your destination. Therefore it is important to not only teach our children of the skills needed to navigate through these different terrains but to also remember that as drivers of vehicles, no matter what the size, pedestrains and cyclists need to be our concern. Vehicles are always going to be larger than a bike, motor bike or pedestrian and requires a great deal of responsibility when being used. Speed is a major factor when driving and can detemine the fate of any impact.
Please mind your speed as you drive. Watch for pedestrians, cyclists and motorbikes, never assume, always act defensively.
Road Safety really does start with driver responsibiltiy. What risks did you take today?
This page will provide up to date links regarding road rules that many people forget. If you are unsure of any rules please refer to the VicRoads website for details.


How fast did you drive past that group of students today? If your child was in the group, how would your behaviour change? Mt Martha provides us with many barriers to smarter travel. The lack of paths is a key safety issue. So we need to share the road with our comunity and that includes our children. Slowing down within the boundaries of Bay Road, The Esplanade, Hearn Road and Somerset Drive will help to make the area safer for pedestrians and cyclists. So when you are driving past children, please take a moment and consider how you would drive if they were you own.


Did you know that you cannot complete a U-Turn in Genisla Drive between the round-a-bouts. This is an illegal manouvre due to the single continuous dividing line. Please use the round-a-bouts to turn around.


The innovative parking signs around our community are aimed at improving safety for those who walk, ride or scooter to school. In addition these zones greatly assist with traffic congestion and road safety issues around our school. Park and Stride:  This zone is new and has been an initiative designed in consultation with the Mount Martha School Community. Park and Stride routes have been chosen based on site viability, natural surveillance of routes and where our families live. Park and Stride is currently available from Mt Martha House, a new route is hoped to be opened soon at Kinross Street shops at the end of Orana Drive.

Kiss & Go:  This zone replaces the traditional 2 minute pick up and drop off zones, shortly the line marking will be painted red to match the sign. The idea is that the driver remains in the car, the children exit kerbside where you can just kiss them and go freeing up the space for others. If you must leave your car to come into school you need to park in the Eco Park so as not to cause congestion in the Kiss and Go area.
If you have any questions or need any more info please talk to Bill Nickeas or Despi O’Connor at school or you can contact the shire council on the details below.
Traffic & Road Safety Team
Private Bag 1000
Besgrove Street
Phone: 03 5950 1030

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