Student Travel Allowance

This program provides financial assistance for the journey to and from school in areas where transport options are limited.  
Student Conveyance Allowance 2015
Private Car Travel

For a student attending a mainstream school to be granted a conveyance allowance a number of criteria must be met.
Criterion 1 – The campus of the school attended must be located outside the Conveyance Allowance Melbourne Metropolitan Boundary (MMB). Exemptions do apply to some schools within the MMB.  Please check with your school.
Criterion 2 – To be eligible for the Conveyance Allowance a student must be attending their nearest government school or campus appropriate to their year level.
Criterion 3 - Reside 4.8 km or more from the school.
Criterion 4 - Be of school age and reside in Victoria.
Criterion 5 - Be enrolled in a school for three or more days a week.

Before completing an application form please read the information about the Conveyance Allowance Program at

Please return completed forms to the office by Friday February 27.

If you have any queries please contact the school office on 5974 2800.