School Council

The Mt Martha Primary School Council comprises parents, the principal, staff and community members and has a total membership of 13. Council assists in setting the educational policy and the long term future for the school and the principal is responsible for the running the school.

School Council meets on the second Thursday of the month in the Staff Centre at 6.45pm.

All School Councillors (both Staff and Parents) volunteer their time to take up their elected roles. As a school community, we greatly appreciate them giving of their personal time to attend the Sub-Committee and Council meetings. As such, we are attempting to streamline the meeting procedures to allow Council meetings to run efficiently and effectively.

At School Council, all Councillors take their elected roles seriously – giving the dedication, enthusiasm and discretion that such a position requires. They are  focused on ascertaining that the best possible practices are fostered within our school community. This leads ultimately to the best learning environment for our precious children – stimulating their minds within an encouraging and safe haven.

For further information please read the attached PDF "Introduction to School Council".

Ways to participate in decision making for MMPS


1. Make contact with either the School Council President, Principal or School Councillors:   


Karen Walker (Principal), Nick Orchard (Assistant Principal), Liana Cope (School Council President), Daniel Stelle (Vice - President), Clem Murphy (Treasurer), Daniel Gunn, Leah McArthur, Charlotte Steckyj, Amir Samuel, Tara Moore, Jackie Hanley, Sheridan Cant, and Michael Beirne.


2. Attend School Council Subcommittee monthly meetings. These meetings are  advertised on the front page of the Banksia Bulletin. Subcommittee meetings function as working parties for School Council. It is at these meetings that the research and investigations of projects and issues by committee members are debated by everyone present. Subcommittee meetings are also the forum where  discussions are held, suggestions are considered, ideas are collected and policies and documents are reviewed.  The work of the subcommittee is presented to School  Council as a written report and includes  recommendations for consideration at the next School Council meeting. Visitors are able to be present at open School Council meetings with the permission of the Principal. They are seated in the lounge area of the Staff Centre and participate through the President/Chairperson. Visitors may be required by the President/Chair person or Principal to leave the room should there be a need for part of an open meeting to be closed or to ensure the School Council meeting proceeds  efficiently. All School Council documentation including Committee Reports is available for viewing by non school council parents through the Principal or School Council President.

3. Take part in opportunities as they arise by responding to surveys and invitations published in the Banksia Bulletin.     


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