Welcome from the Principal and Assistant Principal

We wish to extend a warm welcome to all families and visitors to our website and hope you enjoy your visit.

We have designed our site to share information about Mt Martha Primary School. We aim to make each child’s time at Mt Martha Primary School a rewarding and successful one. This will be the responsibility of all – children, parents and staff working in partnership towards common goals and values. We are proud of the open and friendly environment that is at the heart of our school and hope that your association with the school will be a long and happy one.

We invite you to participate in all our school programs and activities and look forward to seeing you around the school, working for the benefit of the children. Please consider being part of the classroom activities, sporting events, social activities, the working bees and fundraising events as your children will benefit from your involvement.

Mt Martha Primary School is a wonderful place for children, their families, teachers and support staff as everyone is learning and growing together.

We hope you’ll visit our school in person to experience the joy and warmth of a great local community school.

Karen Walker - Principal
Nick Orchard - Assistant Principal




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