Extra Curricular


Year 3
Year 3 students attend the Somers Camp in Term 4. This outdoor educational camp allows children to explore different environments and activities from those usually found in a suburban setting. This is the first camp that the children attend and one that creates fond memories for many of the children. Some activities that the students look forward too are: the giant swing, rope course, flying fox and the night hike. During their stay, they also visit the Coolart Cottage and gardens where the children explore the bird life, gardens and also some Mornington Peninsula history.


Year 4

Our Year 4 students attend Arrabri Lodge in term 2 each year. Arrabri Lodge is located in the Upper Yarra Valley. It is an outdoor education camp that provides the opportunity for students to participate in a wide range of exciting and challenging activities in a natural environment. See the link for possible activities on camp (swimming is not included in term 2).


Year 5 and 6 Camp

The Year 5 students go to Sovereign Hill to pursue their studies on the Gold Rush.

For more information on camps go to the year 5 and 6 blogs. (See blogs tab at top of page right hand side)


The Year 6 students attended the CYC Urban camp in Melbourne. This is a camp that allows our students to explore the main CBD and some of the must see destinations for tourists visiting Melbourne. Some of these sites included Eithad Stadium, Melbourne Museum & the Old Melbourne Gaol. The students learnt how to use public transport to get safely around the CBD.


Jogging Club

One of our activities with the largest participant involvement is Jogging Club. This was introduced to allow students, staff, parents and even younger siblings the chance to enjoy a jog around our wonderful athletics track. All participants receive a Lap card when they first start in the program and as they progress through the school each year they retain this card. Every lap that is completed is marked off and when a milestone is reached (10, 25, 50km) children receive a certificate at a whole school assembly.



Year 3-6 are students are involved in the Swimming Sports which are held during the first term of every year. All children participate by entering into either 50m or 25m events. During the colder months we hold our School Cross Country and also our Athletics events.  After these three events, a school team is selected to compete against the seven other schools in the Mornington District. Successful teams and competitors can progress on to Division, Regional and even State level.


Bike Education

Year 4, 5 and 6 students have the opportunity to be involved in Bike Education in Term 4 of each year. They complete tasks and undertake a road/footpath ride to conclude this unit. We also select students from Year 6 to be involved in the Hubert Opperman Challenge in Mornington which is run by the Mornington Police to encourage students to ride safely.


Lightning Premierships

Year 5 & 6 students can take part in our Winter and Summer Lightning Premiership during the year. Students select a sport they like and then learn the skills of that sport over a series of lessons. They also learn about sportsmanship and being a part of team. This preparation culminates when our school plays against other schools in our Mornington District. All schools attend and compete with the winning teams progressing on to play against other Divisions. Winter sports are: Football, Soccer, Netball, Volleyball and teeball. Summer sports: Basketball, Softball, Rounders, Bat Tennis and Kanga 8’s.


Instrumental Lesson

The following instrumental lessons are offered during school hours at the cost of $25 for a

1/ 2 hour. Payment is between the instrumental teachers and the parents.


Piano                    Clarinet                       Flute                    Trombone


(Yr1-6)                  (Yr. 3-6)                       (Yr. 3-6)              (Yr. 3-6)


Trumpet              Saxophone                    Violin                    Guitar                    


(Yr. 3-6)                (Yr. 3-6)                      (Prep-6)               (Yr. 3-6)                      


Once places are full children can go onto a waiting list.


The following instruments can be hired from the school at a cost of $35 a term - clarinet, flute, trumpet, saxophone and trombone


School Band

This is open to all students who learn an instrument and have reached grade one A.M.E.B. standard.


Rehearsal is held Thursday morning at 8.15am.



The school currently has both a senior and junior choir that practise during school times. All children in those Year levels are able to attend so long as they are willing to make a commitment to turn up regularly for practise.



Beach Water Safety Program

The Water Safety Program is designed to allow children in Years 3-6 to explore and understand key safety  

 concepts about beaches and open water. Activities that include the use of equipment such as nipper boards and surf skis allow children to experience lifesaving activities, enjoy the skill of paddling and they also learn how the board/ski can be used to assist others who may be experiencing trouble in the water. CPR is introduced to children in Level 4 as an important skill that can be required in emergency situations when participating in water activities. Beach games such as Frisbee golf, beach soccer, beach cricket, flags and bocce are also included in the program. The children are introduced to the skill of snorkeling in a controlled manner in the shallow waters just off the beach. At the end of the program, we hold a House Lifesaving Carnival where the students compete in a relay race which encompasses all the skills learnt over the 2 days of the program.


Film Production 

Every alternate year at MMPS the students in Years 3 - 6 to take part in the production of a film. In Years 3 & 4 each class is given a theme. With the assistance of Bruce Grantford, a local film producer, each class produces a short film featuring every student and based on the theme. The children create props and costumes and rehearse their scripts during Music lessons. Bruce then works with the teacher and students for a whole day to film the production. Students in Years 5 & 6 come together to create a feature film of about an hour in duration. The entire process culminates in our Film Nights at the Rosebud Cinema where families and staff are able to buy a ticket, some popocorn and watch all  films on the big screen. All of the films are then professionally copied to a DVD that can be purchased as a keepsake. The Year 3 & 4 Film Nights are in August and the Year 5 & 6 Film nights are in Term 4 (date to be advised).


Swimming Program

Students in Prep to Year 2 attend Kings Swimming Program. Using K levels, they begin, continue and extend their knowledge of swimming and water safety for use in both a pool setting and at the beach. This program runs over 6 sessions with every student completing the assessment and reaching a new K level.



Peer Support Leadership

The Peer Support Leadership Group runs each year. Teachers in our junior and middle Year classes select students who they feel may benefit from some friendly older students organising some games for them. Children gather at the Friendship tree on special days of the week to participate in the Program. Senior students from the Peer Support Leadership Group organise activities such as drawing or some games to play like chess or hopscotch and conduct these for students under and around the “Friendship” Tree.