Physical Education

Physical Education is a vital part of a school curriculum. Not only are there obvious health benefits from having happy, healthy and active students, there are other social and personal development benefits from participating in a well-run program of physical activity and sport.   The focus of our physical education and sport program is on participation, skill development and the essential areas of personal development that involvement in sport encourages.

The children will cover the following in PE lessons throughout the year:

Prep students will be introduced to the Physical Education program. Learning safety and working as a team through sharing, encouraging and participating in all activities. They will develop motor skills in the areas of eye-hand, movement and balancing skills. At this early age the children also learn the importance and role that rules and procedures play in the safe conduct of games and activities. They will be actively involved in the PMP program each week. Foundation students also participate in the whole school cross country.

LEVEL 1 & 2: 
Students in Level 1 & 2 will focus on developing body movement patterns and body control through games and gymnastic routines. Ball skills are introduced and consolidated which include throwing, catching, dribbling, kicking and bouncing. Modified games of football, soccer, basketball and tennis are introduced. Water safety and skills are developed during a program at the Kings pool. Level 1 & 2 students also participate in the whole school cross country.

LEVEL 3 & 4:
Students in Level 3 increase their range of motor skills to practise hitting, throwing, catching, jumping and striking.  Participation in activities and games are used to refine motor skills such as running, hopping, dodging and jumping. A major focus for the year is the introduction of Winter sports such as volleyball, soccer, teeball, football and netball and summer sports such as Athletics, softball and cricket.

The ‘Shuttle Run Beep Test,’ which is a simple fitness test designed to assess general fitness is a component of the Physical Education Program. Students in Level 3 also participate in the School Swimming Sports, Cross Country and Athletics. Selected students represent Mt. Martha at the District Carnival.

LEVEL 5 & 6:
Students in Level 5 & 6 focus on refining basic and complex motor skills and applying these skills in increasingly complex games and activities. They regularly participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity and monitored exercise intensity. The major focus is on Winter sports such as volleyball, netball, soccer and teeball and Summer sports such as kanga cricket, athletics, softball and Rugby.

The students participate in the School Swimming Sports, Cross Country, Athletics and in a Winter sport of their choice.  Selected students represent the School at District, Zone, Regional and State levels in these carnivals.

Level 4 students participate in an intensive Water Safety and Survival Program at Mt. Martha Lifesaving Club and at the end of the program are given the opportunity to compete in a mini Lifesaving Carnival.

Interschool Sports
Mt Martha Primary School has a very proud sporting tradition. The school is very fortunate to have had dedicated teachers (and parents) who have given up their own time to train sporting teams for inter-school competitions in the SSV Mornington District. Emphasis is placed upon learning the skills and rules of the sports, improving fitness, being a productive team-member, good sportsmanship and having fun. Most of all the school endeavors to provide the students with positive experiences on the sporting field which will hopefully encourage them to continue to be active participants in future.

Please accept this friendly reminder for all parents to ensure students are wearing the correct footwear during Physical Education sessions.

Cameron Sweatman
PE Teacher