Visual Arts

All students at Mt. Martha Primary School share the experience of learning in the Visual Arts. The curriculum has two defined areas ‘Creating and Making’ and ‘Exploring and Responding’. It is a very well resourced, sequential program designed to encourage and challenge students to achieve their individual potential in a creative and supportive environment.

Prep students create visual art works that express and communicate experiences, observations, ideas and feelings about themselves and their world. They will explore colour, shape and line through painting and printing activities. Students will also use a variety of media such as modelling clay, paper collage, textiles and construction to create pieces of art. They will learn about safe practices, art room routine and handling of equipment.

Year One and Two students continue to learn about a range of ways that Visual Art can be used to communicate experiences observations and things imagined. They make choices about when using materials, tools and techniques. The students will focus on drawing, printing, painting and collage, modelling, construction and textiles. At this stage they are encouraged to respond to the art works of others and gain appreciation from a study of a famous artist.

Year 3 and 4 students create a range of art forms that communicate ideas, concepts and experiences etc.  They learn about the changes in styles in Australian Art and will experiment with drawing, painting, printing and collage techniques while studying the works of well known Australian artists. Students also create art works in clay, construction and textiles. At this stage students can identify and describe features of art from their own and other cultures.

Year 5 and 6 students are encouraged to independently and collaboratively experiment with and use a broad range of techniques, tools and materials to plan and present art works in all areas of the program. They investigate traditional and contemporary art and create works that demonstrate their growing awareness. At this stage students become aware of incorporating art into other curriculum areas.